In The Beginning There Was An Abandoned Laundromat:

The laundromat had been abandoned for many years, as the interior showed.

And then with a little seed money and a few volunteers, things began to happen... ever so slowly but surely!

The water lines and drain pipe were removed and capped off.

The wall was repaired, the ceiling cleaned, and everything was primed.

Help came in all sizes and ages!

The Dryers (keeping with the laundromat theme) are being customized.

The final wall color is Silver Birch, and that has been accomplished in two coats.

These two put on the second coat of paint, and it looks great!

Ou next job is to get the floor ready and presentable and add some baseboard trim. We also received some screens for the windows.

Welcome To The "MATT"

As our renovations continue, we will add pictures of Hope UMC's progress. Another part of the "MATT" is the playground behind it. Click here to see what is happening there.