The Country Court Estates Playground Behind The "MATT"

All these children, and only one broken down swing between them. That is soon to be remedied.

The playground, behind the "MATT", has a swing set that was in dire need of repair to make it safe and more enjoyable to the many children that play there. We repaired the separated pipe. The infant swing is in pretty good shape, but the only toddlers swing was not safe and needed to be replaced, and added to. We were looking for someone to make a donation to purchase new brackets to hang three new swings from, plus new swing seats. Someone did! We still need some donations and volunteers to help in and around the "MATT". We got that repair accomplished. The swing set also needed a coat of paint, and that has also been accomplished.  

We added the swings on May 9th, and the children came...

As you can see, more swings, more children enjoying themselves!

Andrew painted the swing set.

We raised money at the Community Wide Rumage sale on June 23rd and 24th, plus we got another grant from Thrivent Financial,to put towards painting new regulation lines on the Basketball court, also behind the "MATT". We accomplished this on August 26th.  We also need to look into refreshing the playground on the other side of Highway 27.

Before -

After -